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We are working with PHP7+DB, HTML5+CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify and many more CMS and technologies. We manage everything for you – managed hosting, support and websites solutions.

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Business goals, instead of just website development

We help companies define business goals, turn business ideas into realities and improve their services and products for sales growth.

When we have business, marketing and SEO strategy, we develop websites and online stores according to the strategy. Just few weeks/months after the project goes live you can expect real and measurable results. After a few more months the results would be much better though.

Effectiveness – choosing web technologies

We work with the most effective tech stack and web technologies for the businesses:

  • Affordable price and costs over the years, according to your business goals – cheap price for startups, improved experience at affordable price for established businesses
  • Long-term websites and solutions with stable and/or perspective technologies (our strategies cover up to 6-10 years usage of our software)
  • Developing custom CRM/CMS and/or open source CMS – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and few more…
  • eCommerce CRM or open source eCommerce CMS – WooCommerce, Shoppify, OpenCart, PrestaShop and more
  • Mobile and responsive websites – you shouldn’t lose clients, because the website doesn’t work well on mobiles, tablets or big monitors.
  • SEO optimized or effectively SEO optimizable code (less time to work = cheaper price)
  • Good or Great graphic design (template/theme or unique design), UI and UX for websites and apps
  • Websites’ support and maintenance for the web projects, 2-7 years standard warranty (in managed environment)
  • Support of existing websites and online stores, developed by another web agencies and web studios. Most often custom CMS and WordPress sites.

Note: The most innovative technologies are a risky choice, because it may result in shorter life for your web project, and we usually avoid them for most clients. However, if your business can afford the prices and the risk is managed and addressed in the strategy, we can use innovative technologies for your project. For example, if you can multiply the sales using innovative technologies (compared to the same time period when using stable technologies), we would suggest to use them. It’s just a [business investment, that needs to be returned (ROI)], it’s as simple as that.

Already decided what you need? Contact us – describe your business idea and what you expect from us. We’ll give you quotation price and possible work schedule. Sometimes you have multiple possible strategies/options – we’ll discuss them in advance.

Custom development – themes, templates, plugins, modules

We offer custom development services – unique design or redesign of themes and templates, development of plugins and modules, custom programming for websites and web apps. We are good with WordPress (WP) design and development – WP themes and WP plugins. No need to develop everything from scratch – we can use free or paid themes and plugins, and set up or change only what you want.

Web design and development, SEO optimization and Marketing strategies

We work in 2 different modes:

You manage, We implement and execute

We provide Web design and development, Marketing and SEO optimization and other web services.
You know the market and you have decided what is needed to beat/kick-out the competition.
You are the manager, you are responsible for the results.
Just describe what you need and we’ll send an offer.

We propose strategy, You manage, We implement and execute

We provide Business consultation, competitors research and analysis, strategy planning (Website, SEO and Marketing strategies) and then web design and development services, marketing and SEO optimization (the actual implementation and execution of the strategies)…
You don’t know the market very well, don’t know what content and services/products/solutions your competitors offer, haven’t done a research and analysis in the recent months or years.
You are the manager (that doesn’t change), we provide research and analysis, we propose the most effective business actions (according to your business goals) and finally you decide which actions from our strategy proposal to be implemented.
We both are responsible for the results and when you implement all/most of our strategy plan. We could spend extended amount of time (for free) to optimize the strategy during the execution, to increase the results if they differ a lot from the initial estimations.

Sometimes we are not that great when the competition is very strong and/or your budget has a hard limit. If the plan and the results are not satisfactory after months of work – we would suggest you to change the strategy plan or look for a more experienced marketing expert or agency (experienced in your business field). After all, we have to manage the risk, keep the ROI at high levels and keep changing the plan until we achieve good and strong results.