Business strategy planning (for startups, web projects and websites)

Business strategy planning is the most important process when you start a new business (startup) and want to have a company/corporate/business website, which represents your services, products and solutions. If you manage an established company, which has a company business website already, the chances are you don’t have a strategy yet, but just few “ideas” […]

Web development and programming (open source CMS and custom web applications)

Web software development and programming (incl. open source CMS and custom web applications) is a web service, which usually follow and implement a business strategy plan. The businesses need more business-oriented consulting and planning services. After mid-2017 we specialize as business-oriented web development and design agency. We propose and develop web software solutions and websites with [high […]

Web design and graphic design

Web design and graphic design are processes of visual communication and presentation, using some graphical elements. Graphic elements have influence over the people and could achieve different goals, depending on colours, shapes, look and so on. Web design and graphic design are business and web services, which provide different opportunities to the business, depending on […]

Company business websites – development and programming

Company business websites development and programming is essential part of business presentation online. It usually includes specific functional and content part, requested by the client. The functional and content part usually set the cheapest price for a business website, but there are many additional options that may increase the requirements and make the website multiple times more […]

E-commerce (Online Stores, eShops) – development, responsive website design, mobile version

E-commerce (eCommerce) is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. It refers to the buying and selling of goods/products and/or services over internet connection and a software platform called online store, eShop or online shop. The web software generates an order and save the customer data (names, contact info, addresses, payment info, delivery info and […]

WordPress Development – WP themes, WP support, WP plugins and settings

WordPress (WP) development and WP support and maintenance is one of our complex web services, which also include WP themes and WordPress plugins. Many clients also need a setup for e-commerce stores using WooCommerce (Woo, WC), as well as WooCommerce themes and Woo plugins development. WordPress is contantly changing, improving, and we try to stay up […]

Drupal Development – themes, modules and support

Drupal Development – themes, modules and support. Drupal is an open-source CMS, one of the top 3 most popular CMS for website development. Drupal is very appropriate for business company websites development, as it’s free and you only pay for setting the system up, modules and exsisting theme redesign, to make your website look unique. […]