Terms of service

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Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions; Terms of Use; commonly abbreviated as TOS or ToSToU or T&C) is a legal agreement between a service provider and a company or a person who wants to use that service.

Company details and contacts

Web Minister Ltd.
Company number in Bulgaria (BG, EU): 204852928
Reg. address: Bulgaria, Sofia-rеgiоn, 2200 Slivnitsa, str. “Klimеnt Ohridsкi” 116
Contacts: https://web-minister.com/ ; support@web-minister.com; Phone/Viber: +359988811017

Common Terms

Web Minister Ltd. is also referred as “the company”, “service provider”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “seller”.

Web-Minister.com is referred as “the domain” and “the website”.

Buyers are referred as “customer”, “client”, “you”, “your”.

Privacy policy

Your personal data will be used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Services and products; service conditions; ordering and payment.

The current domain and website is used by the company to briefly describe services and products, offered to customers and clients. The website is also used as virtual payment gateway (virtual POS terminal), usually suitable for domestic and international payments between “service provider” and the customer/client (a company or a person), i.e. payment via bank card (debit or credit card) and so on.

The services are provided by a person, i.e. it’s not an automated web-based service or tool. Each service can be highly customized for a company or a person, which usually reflects the final price. Each service usually have some standard terms and conditions, but they are also subject to change (many individual conditions are added) and negotiated according the needs (what should be accomplished), thus we discuss each service conditions and prices in advance, before you order and before you make a payment via payment gateway. Keep you email correspondence as part of your individual conditions for each service order and let us know if you have any questions/complaints, or something else in mind…

For some projects, a separate legal agreement between the “service provider” and the customer/client (a company or a person) would be signed. In this case we are using available payment gateways (or virtual POS terminals) on our website for payment and money transfer only. The current Terms of Service is “an addition” to the conditions of the individual services and the agreement.

The ordering process of a service or a product is not automated (yet), so any mistakes and misunderstandings are going to be avoided using discussion before the payment(s).

Time for processing an order

Each service or product could be different for each client/company and require different time to work on it, to communicate, to be completed. We’ll specify that for each service, according to our normal working schedule and working days. Sometimes some people from our team could be busy, sick, or something else extraordinary and that would result in delays. It’s recommended to contact us and ask us whether we can meet your requirements, incl. deadlines according our current schedule, before you order and pay for any services. We usually want a payment 1-3 days before the scheduled date/time to start a service, but also we accept cancellations, in case you change your mind before we start working on the service!

Cancellation of a service or a product return, money refund

Our “cancellation of a service or a product return” policy is to be fair to each customer and client. We don’t take money for nothing (i.e. without completing a service). You can make “cancellation request for a service or a product return rquest” on our email in written form, sending it from your email which you ordered the same service, just make sure to describe the case and be explicitly clear what are your intentions. Also you can cite/reference any text from the current Terms of Service and your agreement/email-correspondence, which confirm your rights for cancellation request and full/partial refund.

To avoid the need for cancellations of services or products returns and extra payment transfer fees, our policy is to request the customer/client to pay (part or in full) for a service just few days before the service is going to be started (valid for most/90%+ services or combination of multiple services).

Cancellation requests and full/partial/no-refund cases:

  • We accept cancellation requests of a service or a product return up to 48 hours before the service is going to be started. Such cancellation is subject to full refund, but with all transfer fees (2-way) covered by the customer/client (if any), we don’t take anything for us.
  • Even if the service has been just started, we can decide to cancel it without requesting anything to be paid for the service, but payment transfer fees only. This is subject to partial or full refund, by mutual agreement after the cancellation request, and all money transfer fees are paid by the customer.
  • In case a cancellation request is received after a service has been started, we have the rights to decline full refund request (you may be subject to partial refund or not eligible for refund) and there are 2 main cases:
    – for services, which take little time (up to 3 days) or the service is 65%+ completed (incl. fully completed) – we don’t accept refunds in this case (we can complete the service, if not completed yet …or.. we can mutually agree on refund amount for interrupted service), or:
    – for services, which take longer time (3+ days) and are not yet completed at 65% – we can mutually agree on specific amount to be refunded (subject to partial refund, but the amount must be mutually agreed), so all the costs on our end are taken into account (price for interrupted service, partially completed ..and.. 2-way money transfer fees).

Money refund – full or partial. If we have some fees to cover (like bank transfer fees, international money transfer fees, 3rd party payments/fees… and so on), we keep our rights to deduct the amount of these costs/fees from the amount, which is going to be refunded. We usually discuss it with the client and mutually agree on the amount of the costs/fees and when (which date) to be processed (according our working time and schedule).

Money refund (full or partial) is expected to be processed within 14 days after cancellation request has been received and accepted/approved as valid. Delays could be expected due to customer/client slow responses via email (for mutual agreement on partial refund amount) or in case of unexpected topics, that need further discussion.

Other; Other requests

If there are cases, not covered from our current Terms of Service conditions, our policy is friendly and clear:

  • To be fair to each customer and client. We don’t take money for nothing (i.e. without completing a service).
  • If you have paid us, but the service was delayed and was not executed/started (i.e. not completed successfully), we’ll refund the money (mutual agreement in written form is needed).
  • If you are not happy with the results – we should discuss it as these are individual services…
  • We allow any content, except content that may be considered illegal. That include but not limited to: drugs, weapons, prostitution, child pornography, violence, cruelty, etc.

The current Terms and Conditions are not standard business terms which can be seen on each website. They are the shortest possible, so you can review them before each order and payment.

In case you have any questions – just let us know (using contacts page or the contacts on TOS page) and we’ll make it clear for you, before you make a payment or an order.

We keep the rights to adjust the TOS without notice. Please, read them when making an order and payment!

Last updated: 2021.09.07

2021.09.07 – Added “Time for processing an order” section. Added allowed content clarification.