We work remotely! Remotely available everywhere! Available for hire!

Support and maintenance

Already a client? Check your email correspondence to connect to your project managers or developers directly. If you don’t have it – contact our 1st level support:

Landline phone: +359 2 4114134

Mobile/Viber/WhatsApp: – available on request –

Head office – Bulgaria (EU/Europe)

Bulgaria, Sofia

Languages: Bulgarian and English
E-mail: support (at) domain
Phone (landline): +359 2 4114134
Phone (mobile): – available on request –
Viber: – available on request –
WhatsApp (initial contact only): – available on request –
Skype: – available on request –
Live Chat: – available on request; free for all live chat coming soon –
Support Chat (chat, audio or video): – available on request –

Web Minister Ltd., number: 204852928, reg. address: Bulgaria, Sofia-rеgiоn, 2200 Slivnitsa, str. “Klimеnt Ohridsкi” 116

Trade Representatives / Agents / Partners

We work remotely! One of us may work in London, UK. Another could work from Germany or Austria. Few more from Bulgaria. And few more from USA and Canada. What we measure are the results – the job should be done, preferably on time, but most important – quality work (we try to do it bug-free and well tested)!

Our trade representatives or trade agents in Europe, USA and Canada (and some day Australia) are people who speak your and our language. They connect us – you (the clients) to us (Business consultants, IT specialists, developers and designers, SEO experts, marketing experts).

The process: You describe your prioritized business goals to our agents. We make research and analyze the competitors, and make a strategy proposal and an offer. You approve fully or partially the strategy. We implement and execute – design and develop what you need. SEO optimization and Marketing are pretty much the same steps.

Our Agents will teach you how to set up and use the software. They’ll translate the strategy plan and our offer to your language, so you can decide on it and approve the steps (fully or partially).

As of today, we have agents in these countries/cities:

Europe, Austria (also covers part of Switzerland)

Austria, Vienna and Bregenz cities. North/Eastern Switzerland is covered from Bregenz agents.

Europe, Germany

Germany, Frankfurt and Munich cities, and looking for more partners and agents.

Europe, United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom (UK), London city, looking for more partners and agents.


USA, Chicago city, looking for more partners and agents


Canada, Montreal city, looking for more partners and agents


Australia, looking for partners and agents

Your language/country/city/town is missing?

We are looking for more partners and agents in many different countries. Just ask us, in English language (head office email) and we’ll discuss it.

What we value the most is quality, discipline, motivation.

Worldwide / International Offices

Decisions for opening few offices in Europe and USA are pending. We still analyze whether we need them, whether the clients need them?

Our employees (incl. the agents) need a freedom, so they have it as of today and work remotely from home, office or wherever they want. As far the job is done and the clients are satisfied, we have nothing more to change or manage.