Charity is a cause. Our cause is to be of help (for the people and particularly for our clients) and to remember who helped us when we were growing up.

Now, our business is established, our income is a bit more secured (compared to our first business steps) and we feel ready to give back.

We are ready to give back to the schools, where we gained a lot of knowledge, which helped us to succeed in our business. Helping the schools helps the children – youth are the next generation, the future.

We are also planning to start courses for business educations (startups) and IT skills, to teach the young adults how to quickly learn new things in life, how to become entrepreneurs and start a business, how to manage the risk and not to give up when the results are not as expected. That includes some of the fields: business planning, business and risk management, websites and goals, creating and managing websites, web development, graphic design and web design, marketing and SEO optimization. And we can also include more life lessons, that could be of help. Though, this is yet to be planned/approved/managed and hasn’t started yet… we need time and enough money to start and complete the whole process.

By buying our services or directly participating as partners (depending on business field, services and products), our clients are part of our charity causes. Thank you!