Our principles are very simple, but they work great. The simple things usually work better than complex ones, because could be easily managed!

Effectiveness – Business goals, instead of just website development

We help companies define their business goals and achieve measurable results.

Instead of (Variant 1) developing a new website, because someone told you WordPress is better for SEO optimization and is the most popular platform, we could propose you (Variant 2) to keep the current website for (at least) few more months and invest in little redesign and direct marketing instead. Usually there are always pros and cons for each variant, so we would discuss them.

When you compare the price of our proposal to the price for developing a new website (also losing time or money to transfer the content), you’ll be able to make a decision.

If you look for short-term results, then Variant 2 (using existing website) could be a better solution.
If you look for medium and long-term results, then Variant 1 (new website) could be a better solution, but remember that it would need more investments (money and time), which is a higher risk.

Effectiveness 2 – choosing stable web technologies = long life and cheap price

Choosing stable web technologies results in long-life for websites and solutions. Most businesses don’t want to change their website every 2 or 3 years (we are one of these), so we value long-life websites and solutions, that use stable technologies. And that also saves money – the investment is spread over more years, so the overall cost for your website per year decreases = cheap price (per year)!

Note: Don’t calculate the development costs only. The hosting, support and maintenance costs may vary a lot – they are part of the investment.

Our current clients are top priority

Our current clients are top priority (for multiple reasons)!

They chose us and paid us already, they put trust on us to manage their business websites and/or marketing/SEO strategy. They deserve to have a priority over new clients.

When you (as a new client) become one of our clients, you’ll be a top priority as well. It’s like a business club – once you get inside and start to make partnerships, that lead to business growth.

Cheap and affordable prices

Cheap and affordable prices, even for startups. Our principles for effectiveness results in lower prices, compared to other design and development companies. Well, we can’t be competitive to Indians or Chinese, but inside Europe, USA and Canada, our prices and quality are very competitive and cheap.

Consulting and advises

We share our most valuable asset – 15+ years experience in the business fields, management of design and development processes, risk management, web marketing and SEO optimization. We share opinions about what to expect, when to expect and how much that would cost you. The decision is yours though.

Problem-solution oriented

We are problem-solution oriented people. If the web technologies could solve some of your business problems, it’s likely we could be of help. This is what we do every day (except holidays). Define the goals and contact us.

Business startups – discounts, partnerships, funding

Most of us start making business as startups. We know how hard it is – how little time you have to manage everything outside your actual business work/activity, how little money you have for investment (or how hard is to find investors/money), how many “what if” worrisome thoughts you have.

You are not alone, you are not the first (and won’t be the last), there are a lot of opportunities and we are ready to point you out some of these opportunities. You can learn from a lot of people (but choose the successful ones), you can make partnerships (or even you can let other people join your company and invest money to fund the startup).

We love partnerships – if you can serve us, we can make discounts or exchange services. If you need additional funds and we find your business perspective, we can join and invest money and work for a successful business startup.

Sense of humour

Sense of humour is placed as one of the last principles on that page, but it’s important to us. Read more to find out why…

If you are a graphic designer, web developer and programmer, business and marketing consultant, SEO expert or writer, and want to be part of our team, it’s a mandatory requirement. You must have a sense of humour or you won’t have good chances to join our team and be with us after 4-5 years.

If you are a potential client and you are lacking of sense of humour – it’s acceptable, but please make sure you are not short of money at the same time (could be considered unacceptable)! 🙂

* We are going to add more principles, when they could be clearly defined and agreed by most of the team. At the moment, these could be considered the boss’ principles/rules.

If you find some of these principles broken, please contact the company director and CEO using the online form, to start an investigation case and propose you a compensation. Thank you for your activity!