Market and competitors – research, investigation, insights and analysis

Research, investigation, insights and analysis of the market and competitors is a business service, which helps to develop a plan and a strategy to promote your business and company (incl. startups) in the web (Internet) as a competitive company. It can cover different aspects of a business – design and branding, website presentation, Internet advertising and SEO […]

Graphic design – Brand, Logo, Web design and prices

Graphic design is a web service, that requires creativity and experience by the graphic designer (the author). The results and the impact of the graphic design work are measurable, but the work is highly subjective to personal feelings and . Graphic design prices Graphic design prices are paid for creative work, that sometimes is hard […]

SEO optimization for websites and online stores

SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) for websites and online stores is a business and web service, ……. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy As explained in Market and competitors – research, investigation, insights and analysis, search engine optimization strategy can be planned and estimated (time and price), when the competitors have been investigated and analyzed. … SEO optimization […]

Website content management (texts, images, photos, videos)

Website content management (texts, images, photos, videos) is a web service for site owners, which usually has to change their content quite rare – few times per month or even few times per year. There’s no need to remember how to update your website content, how to create a new gallery, how to upload an […]

Website planning

Website planning process is tightly connected with the business strategy planning and competition research/investigation, insights and analysis. Get the business goals written, check what your competitors have and decide how competitive you are. What services, products and solutions could provide, which are the most profitable, which are the easiest to target with SEO optimization, which […]