Our Team

Our team consists of experts, specialists and people with different skills and experience. What makes us good is the fact we complement each other and together create better stuff. We are part of a big team ..and family.. (the company) and also a part of multiple smaller teams (the team for your project)!

We are (like) scientists – we investigate processes and technologies, implement solutions and test them as a real business solutions, in the real world. We improve them over the months and years of usage. Yes, that’s what scientists do and also do it.

We are creative – it’s not needed to be creative (in recent years) to make a successful business, but in fact it could be benefiting when we create unique strategy plan, unique design or unique advertising, because when someone is different – he/she can get more attention than usual. That can exponentially grow your business. If you need such team – you are welcome.

Management and managers

The management of a design and development agency is about managing a repeating process, where every project is different, the goals are different and the work to be done is different. That also means, the repeating process is also different, but the phases (the steps, stages) and the process have at least a common name…

Business process phases: idea and conception, strategy and planning, validating the strategy, scaling (growth), establish and strengthen the achievements.

Development process phases: research and investigation, analysis and planning a strategy, specifications, design and development, coding and testing, content management practical training.

Team members

We already wrote that each team member complement skills and experience to the other members, which creates a team with strong skills and very useful experience. What we sell is knowledge, skills and experience (the most expensive one, some of us invested tens of years is specific business fields).

Senior, middle and junior level: business research and planning, web developers, graphic designers, marketing managers, SEO experts, SEO specialists, content writers, content managers.