About the company

Web Minister Limited (also written as WebMinister Ltd.) – an IT company, Web design and development agency, providing remote services worldwide (so far: Europe, USA and Canada clients, most developed EU countries – UK/England, Austria, Germany and more to follow). We provide from simple to complex web-based software services, business solutions, support and outsourcing.

Services – briefly overview

Our principles and our goals are to provide high quality web services – business strategy and consulting for Internet/Web presence and trading, web development of business websites, web-based custom applications, online stores; unique web design concepts, graphic design, logo design, Marketing and SEO strategies, SEO optimization, Google Ads (former AdWords) campaign management.

For existing websites (and/or new ones) we provide web/graphic re-design (modifications), web development, search engines optimization (SEO) for websites (strategy and execution), marketing and advertising strategy/planning and management… We provide technical support and maintenance for existing websites and online stores, especially WordPress and WooCommerce support and maintenance.

We manage the web hosting and the software, you concentrate on your business goals and sales – that’s a fair deal.

Our work includes custom web applications development, using the following technologies: PHP, MySQL/Maria DB, PostgreSQL, other DBs, HTML5, CSS (CSS3 and SASS/SCSS), JavaScript (JS), jQuery and many more.

We also work with open source CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, also eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart and also custom commercial/proprietary/paid software – modules, themes, plugins. We are a WordPress (WP) agency and offer wordpress and woocommerce development.

People sometimes switch between different CMS, trying to use the best SEO-optimized CMS, but that won’t do it automatically – many additional steps should be taken, on every CMS chosen as a base. An the steps could be a bit different, depending on your CMS. We are a SEO agency, that make SEO strategies and help with the website optimization in different languages.

Our future goals are to extend our capacity and offer CRM and ERP solutions and integrations to the small businesses. We now provide custom CRM solutions, but the price is usually very high and not suitable for startups or small business.


Our prices vary from cheap prices for some basic services to more expensive prices for (highly) complex business and web services and solutions (custom CMS and CRM), which require experience, skills and qualifications. We provide individual pricing, depending on your needs – no need to pay extra, for something you don’t need and don’t use.

Support and maintenance

We provide non-critical technical support, maintenance to all developed web apps and websites, including these developed using open source CMS. We also provide technical support and maintenance for websites and custom applications, developed from other freelance developers, IT companies, web/internet/digital agencies and studios.


We love charity. We are thankful to the world, to the people and we are giving back to charity causes.

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