SEO optimization for websites and online stores

SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) for websites and online stores is a business and web service, …….

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy

As explained in Market and competitors – research, investigation, insights and analysis, search engine optimization strategy can be planned and estimated (time and price), when the competitors have been investigated and analyzed.

SEO optimization prices for websites and online stores

There are different SEO optimization pricing schemes, suitable for different websites and online stores:

  • one-time big payment for strategy planning and execution within few months (high price, but paid once), then small periodical payments (every few months)
  • paying constant amount every month until achieving progress to desired position, then continue paying the same amount to secure the position and future progress (to the first position, if needed)

The first one is usually cheaper, but work well for less competitive business sectors (search keywords and phrases).

The second one works in all cases, but is way more expensive when the market is less competitive. You are just paying money for nothing (or almost nothing… usually there are exceptions). When the market is competitive, then you don’t have choice – you need to pay periodically (every month or every few months) to constantly improve.