Web design and graphic design

Web design and graphic design are processes of visual communication and presentation, using some graphical elements. Graphic elements have influence over the people and could achieve different goals, depending on colours, shapes, look and so on.

Web design and graphic design are business and web services, which provide different opportunities to the business, depending on the goals. For example:

  • If the goal is to improve the conversions in a website or online store, the web design should be planned to be easy to use, so the visitors can easily navigate and find the needed content, then order products or services, or contact by email, live chat or phone.
  • If the goal is to promote and advertise a product, using a photo collage – the graphic design should be planned with specific colours, photos and call-to-action buttons, so the collage receive clicks, that redirect the visitor to the destination page (the target).
  • There are a lot more examples, but that should be enough to get the idea.

Design and branding

If you want unique look, unique vision, you want to brand your company and your websites. Branding is part of business and marketing plan, which advertise services, solutions and products – online and/or offline. During the development of your website, you usually want an unique vision, unique web design, which uses your branded colors, logo and so on. But branding has quite high price and most businesses don’t need it, especially startups.

Website web design (incl. online stores)

Except from branding, which is (very) expensive, the web design of a business website or an online store has important role to achieve business goals and to make sales. If you want to sell a product, then you use a call-to-action (CTA) buttons/elements. If you want the visitor to contact you – you also need CTA buttons. If the website is informative only and represent some technical specifications, there isn’t a need for CTA buttons, but there is a need for very good readability, usability and easy navigation.

Website’s goals define what part of the design is most important, respectively we are spending more time and paying more attention to the important web design and graphics elements.

Design and colour psychology

The colors have different psychological influence/impact on the visitors. If you start a new business, the color selection may play a critical role to your short-term success or failure. For example, the red color means aggression, call-to-action, and obviously it is used for design for online stores. The blue means calmness, peace, trust – it is often used for companies, providing services, because subliminally activating trusting behavior for most people.

Depending on your actual economical activities, services and products, your appropriate colors could be only few. There are no defined rules, but you can always look at your competitors… well, not direct competitors, but competitors recognized internationally.