Web development and programming (open source CMS and custom web applications)

Web software development and programming (incl. open source CMS and custom web applications) is a web service, which usually follow and implement a business strategy plan. The businesses need more business-oriented consulting and planning services. After mid-2017 we specialize as business-oriented web development and design agency. We propose and develop web software solutions and websites with [high ROI (return on investment)], which is a business indicator.

It’s important to keep in mind that a service is not a product – you can’t buy it from any shop or company, at the cheapest possible prices! The services, especially business-oriented consultation and analysis, programming and development, graphic and web design, are (some kind) artisan’s and craftsman’s work. That means – they differ a lot from one person to another and the final product (and result) could be completely different.

Web software development and programming for websites

Web software development and programming for websites usually takes more time than any other services and the project price highly depend on it. Depending on what is being developed, the requirements for engineering degree, experience and skills may vary. Most projects are simple websites and a degree is not needed, just some experience and skills would be fine.

The programming and software development is not only about functionality, but also about security, speed (fast loading and as less as possible server resources usage), software and database architecture (for custom programming and projects), technologies choices, long-life and so on… It’s very complex work and usually only few people from the developers’ team could take the right decisions. The other team members are lead by the most experienced and skilled developers and as a team they can be very productive.

If you just need a business website for your company, then you have a lot of options to choose a developer or a development company. If you need some customized CMS or CRM functionality, then the options decrease to very low levels – 1-5% from all development companies can handle such requests. In fact, we also reject some quite complex projects, where we don’t feel very confident and which would take us months of hard work to develop it… It just not effective to do it, not that we can’t develop everything. Our principles for effectiveness are a guide to such decisions – if we are not experienced and competitive to such project, we better be clear about it with the client, and let the client decide whether can afford the price for few months of work or look for alternatives.

Development, business goals and ROI

We develop high quality websites and web-based apps, that meet the client’s business needs and we are trying to achieve the business goals (in prioritized order). They should have a good ROI (return on investment) rate, because a website, or eCommerce online store, or a web-based app – these all are classified as business investments. The website or the web apps should be part of your business strategy and planning process, so they fulfil business goals and/or result in financial profits.