Business strategy planning (for startups, web projects and websites)

Business strategy planning is the most important process when you start a new business (startup) and want to have a company/corporate/business website, which represents your services, products and solutions.

If you manage an established company, which has a company business website already, the chances are you don’t have a strategy yet, but just few “ideas” and perhaps some business goals that need to be achieved with a new website… But, that’s not enough!

If you want your spending for a new business website to have great return on investments (ROI) – you need a strategy, a plan, a business strategy planning! In fact, there is always a way to make the things worse than your old website. You should avoid that, but you are not immunized to mistakes.

We provide a lot of business-related services, that help us in the web design and development fields – improving the results, the conversions, helps in money-making and business growth. When we investigate the competition, we get ideas from them and write them on our strategy plan. Do you know how much costs an idea? Here is a [story about “How much costs an idea”].

[TODO: It’s not a thought, it’s an idea! – see somment]