Website package “Starter1” (SAAS)




Website package “Starter1” is a SAAS service (software as a service) with quick and easy setup process, providing you website development service for you or your company and paid as a service – you can use it until you pay.

The package includes:

  • We set up your own domain and chosen hosting location (default is Europe, EU).
  • We develop a website structure for simple website:
    • Setup up to 5 standard (simple text) pages (i.e. About us; Contact us; Products or Services or Solutions; and so on)
    • Unique Home page, describing what’s featured on your website. Up to 4-5 simple design elements are included in the price, but if you need something else – we’ll make an individual offer).
    • A page “Products or Services or Solutions” is a simple text page (if you need custom functionality, separate page per product/service, or something else – contact us for individual offer).
    • Contacts page – it may also contain a map, contact form with SPAM protection (lowest level), multiple subsections/departments…
  • 1 month free managed website hosting service included during development, but it includes hosting for website only (it doesn’t include email accounts, domain/hosting panel or specific needs for hosting).

Time to process an order and how it works

  1. We process the order by communicating everything needed with the client (it may take 1-15 days to complete and depend on both sides). That may include content, images and photos, videos and something else.
  2. When we have (almost) all needed information, we add the service in our current working schedule. Usually it takes 1-5 days to complete it. For busy working schedule, that time extends to 1-10 days. Contact us and ask explicitly if you have deadline(s)!
  3. When completed, you’ll review the service and if you have any notes – we’ll discuss them and would be corrected eventually (in a few hours or days).

Managed web hosting service and email accounts

Managed web hosting service is paid separately at an individual service (and not included in the price for website development), because it’s paid on yearly basis and also could be paid for few months only (i.e. if you are making the website for specific event). The service is fully managed by us – it doesn’t include domain/hosting panel, as we manage it for you.

The website can be hosted in Europe. Hosting at other location is also possible – conditions to be discussed.

Email addresses and support are not included in the price for website development. These have to be discussed together with the hosting service.

The individual price range for “Managed web hosting service”: starts from 0 EUR (for EU-based hosting and low traffic websites) and may go up to 150 EUR in very rare cases (when we need to order a hosting in Australia, Asia, South/North America or Africa).


If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll discuss everything in detail. Even if you ordered the service, you can cancel it before we start the (website development) process – check our Terms of Serivce (TOS page).